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“Having a virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) lets you run your business lean.

You say goodbye to the expense of having a standard chief financial officer on your payroll. But you retain access to the financial expertise you need for any project, plan or purpose.

Using a virtual chief financial officer lets you save your money for when you need it most. Plus, you save the time which you might otherwise consider spending on performing the duties of a CFO yourself.”

Start-ups and SMEs in every industry are already on board with the trend of using the virtual option to maximise their profits. A virtual chief financial officer lets you get the best from sometimes limited budgets – leaving you free to spend your money on other investments or projects. Or simply to have the funds you would otherwise waste on an in-house CFO available in case something unexpected happens.

Outsourcing your CFO services lets you do everything you might do with a regular financial officer at your beck and call. But at the fraction of the cost:

  • Run on smaller overheads: keep your overheads as small as possible while still having access to all the expertise you need to make important decisions.
  • Access reliable data: an outsourced CFO can produce detailed, accurate financial data for you and also interpret the results.
  • Rely on expert guidance and advice: your on-demand financial specialist can help you plan for the future, guide you through the present, and shoot down or support ideas based on data.
  • Make the right decisions: armed with information on key metrics, budgets and more, you can get the help you need to devise your annual strategy and inform your stakeholders.

Get Exactly What You Need From Your Virtual CFO Service

Counting the Apples Consulting virtual CFO solutions

You can cherry-pick the expertise you need to create your own virtual CFO service. Whatever goal you need to achieve, I can help you define objectives, develop premises and evaluate alternatives.

Offering the same insights you would get from having an experienced CFO as a permanent member of your team, I can also provide bookkeeping and controlling services which include:

  • Business financial controlling
  • Setting up processes between financial controlling and bookkeeping
  • Finding more efficient processes and ways of working
  • Improved digitalization and business planning cycle
  • Start-up business planning and business plan structure

In short, the virtual CFO solutions I provide include your selection of the functions you would need from an entire outsourced finance department.

You may need to cut waste from your business. You might want to spot opportunities where you could grow and expand. Where you could cut back. Or work out how to spend your money more effectively.

You might also have specific projects which you need to bring an expert on board to help you plan. Your virtual CFO service is all about spending your money more wisely. So you always get exactly what you need, with no wastage.

Making Your Cash Flow Forecast Work for You

One of the key functions your virtual CFO service can provide is completing your cash flow forecast.

If you want to get a real handle on your business finances, a cash flow forecast is the way to do it. With a forecast, you will know how much money is likely to come in and go out of your business. Any full cash flow forecast definition will include estimated sales, fixed costs, projected costs as well as variable costs like stock and staff salaries.

This is key information which will help you make thorough plans – supported by data – to ensure the successful future of your company.

I have already helped businesses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, the UK and Switzerland, as well as Norway, Sweden, and Germany in Northern Europe. I assisted them in understanding their cash flows and getting the best out of their businesses. Let’s discuss how we can start getting the best out of yours.

The Advantages of a Cash Flow Forecast

Project Planning and Financial Coaching

Business cash flow management and forecasting are vital if you want to understand where your business makes and loses money. A cash flow forecast which is accurate and up-to-date has major advantages which will enable you to answer key questions about your business:

  • How well are you performing? Check your actual income and expenses against your forecast to see if your business is meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Can you afford to hire staff or buy equipment? With the ability to add salaries or other expenses to your forecast hypothetically, you can judge the wisdom of any expenditure.
  • What’s the best-case and the worst-case? Create imaginary scenarios and forecast what the best solution will be or what the worst that could happen is, supported by data.
  • What is the right choice to make? With access to all of this properly analyzed data, you will be able to make the smartest decisions as to your business’s future.

As your virtual chief financial officer, I will be able to create a cash flow forecast for the following year, month, week – or whatever period makes sense to you. I can also work through all kinds of scenarios with you, to help you get a solid feel for what the right decision will be in any financial circumstances.

Cash Flow Management Helps Your Business Work Better

Cash flow is the money which comes into and goes out of your business. Your cash flow forecast lets you plan for the future. But cash flow management is something very different. Managing your cash flow is all about monitoring and analyzing how your cash flow changes over time.

Is a problem occurring? Is a trend developing?

Effective cash flow management lets you pick up on things like this as early as possible. You can also compare your knowledge of your business’s current cash flow with your forecast to see where you are succeeding and where there is room for improvement.

Anyone can generally determine whether your business is making or losing money by checking your profits. But only by understanding your actual cash flow – data which can include accounts payable, accounts receivable, your inventory, debt servicing, capital expenditure and more, rather than simply profits – can you know what is driving your profits or losses.

Let’s work together to understand the importance of cash flow management and your cash flow in particular. I have already done the same for companies across Europe in almost any industry you care to name.

What Would You Include in Your Virtual CFO Service?

Let’s talk about what you would need from your virtual CFO service. I already provide truly flexible outsourced financial services to IT and legal firms, retail shops, supermarkets, restaurants, health and beauty service providers and producers – as well as companies in numerous other sectors – across Europe.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever you need in terms of financial expertise, I can provide it. On-demand and with no need to add huge ongoing expenses to your payroll.

Reach out today to discuss your business’s past and present – as well as it’s financial future.

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I have worked for over 20 years as head of business financial controlling in sports and fashion retail and beauty businesses.

I am passionate about using the data of key performance indicators to enable optimum cash flow with in a business to maximise profit.

I am passionate about setting up financial structures which enable businesses make it to the next level. I am passionate about making numbers tell you a story about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. And what you can do about it to change it and improve it on the long term.
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